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Fall season - 01/10/2013
Fall Season is coming and we are very excited! Dont forget to check out all of our products to fulfill your home! We have plenty! ..
Been very busy! - 19/08/2013
Its been a very long time since there has been activity on this blog. We have been very busy with ebay sales and changing our picture sizes to there recommendation sizes. With ebay and all of our sales it has been hard to post to our blog. We would just like to give you guys a heads up to what has been going on and to thank all of you for shopping/browsing our store!   Thanks for stopping in! ..
  Hello CollinsCountryGift Shoppers!,               We have changed our site for the holidays adding some great banners and another product that is a high seller! The new product that we have added is Wedding Sand! We have sold 139 of these on our ebay store Here is the link to our ebay store Item, Go take a look, Ebay Store iTem. This wedding sand is great for weddings and there are many different colors to choose from. You ..
Thanks to all of our guest and customers that have been apart of Collins Country Gifts website and community. We'd like to thank everyone who is apart of our eBay store and website! You all have made us where we are at today and we are improving every day! Collins Country Gifts would like to say thanks for making us be the best in country gifts and everything that we are!  Also we will have a new catalog up on our site for next year and of course we will be adding a bunch of new fall..
We have updated our server and have moved it to a more stable/faster server for everyone to enjoy! Now get an even better service without having the downtime we had before! Let us know what you think about the new great update we have for you guys!   Also be sure to checkout our Wedding Sand, We have many different variety of colors of the sand. ..
We are working hard to get you our fall flyer of products that are going to be updated and put on the website! We have many products to add and they are all wonderful for fall decorations, please keep checking back for our new products and be sure to check them out!   We are working hard to get them on here and we hope you like them!   Have a good day, CollinsCountryGifts ..
Hello Shoppers Of CollinsCountryGifts.com,               We have added some new products to our great line of products that we offer and also we have added another category. We now carry some gifts and items for weddings!! There are now some boards you can get that have great quotes and sayings on them that you can purchase right this moment as your reading this! We have also added a new heart shaped glass jar and a few other glass ordaments like pea..
Any Questions? - 14/07/2012
Hello,  Collins Country Gifts shoppers!!    If anyone has any questions please email us, we will answer any questions that you may have. If you would have any bulk order questions or trouble with the site we will get back to you as soon as possible. We value our customers and want you to have the best experience possible, So anyway we can help we will.   You may comment on this article for any questions or concerns you may have also.   Thanks, ..
More of Led Lights and Branches that you have been Waiting for!  We've added a bunch of new products to our led lights and branches section of our website. From more branches to strings or led lights. All lights are high quality built and are a great way to decorate your home for the holidays or for those special occasions when you need them. Get them at the cheapest prices but yet the highest quality is received in return.  We don't know how long they will last so get them while you can!! We..
Making A Bird Feeder of Your Own Using Pine Cones In 5 Easy Steps!! Birdfeeders can be costly and with the price of things today you will not want to spend to much for a bird feeder. But you can now use different sort of pine cones to make your own unique birdfeeder. We will teach you how to make a small or fairly large bird feeder. To start off you will need some pine cones, peanut butter, pan, bird seeds, string, and a spoon.  Materials Needed: - Pine cone'(s) - Pea..
We have updated our return policy so we advice you guys to check it out and review the information. We offer even a more high standard of support for all of our products purchased by us and you couldnt get any better support then this.      Below is our Return Policy Steps, very simple and clear! Fill out a the Return Form, on our website at this link: Returns. All reasonable returns accepted. Buyer should contact us within 14 Days after rec..
Kids Projects - 23/04/2012
Hydrogel Bead Kids Projects!   Get your kids involved in some great hydrogel bead projects! These are for ages of everyone and are a very fun thing to do with your daughter or son! Do the project with your kids and then when they got them all the way they want you can wait a few hours and come back. Your kids will be stunned about how they work and magically appear. The project Details are below so be sure to check them out!    Kid Project  #1  Inf..
Product Blog Update - 18/04/2012
Welcome To Collins Country Gifts - Products Update Blog!   We have our second blog update with some of our great product releases here to show you. We have five products that have been put in the lanterns page and one product that has made it into the led lights and branches page. Be sure to check out the products below, dont miss these great offers.   Metal Mini Lantern With Tealight - 3pc Metal Open Leaf Lantern W/ Flameless LED Candle Open Wire Lantern Work ..
  Hello and welcome to CollinsCountryGifts.com...   As you may know we are a premier bulk and wholesale provider of many country gifts items. We have no minimum puchase order! Be sure to check out our products. This blog will mainly consist of our latest products updates and news of what happens here at CollinsCountryGifts.com.   Be sure to keep checking back for our new blog releases!   Enjoy your day!   Sincerly, Collins Count..