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Kids Projects

Hydrogel Bead Kids Projects!


Get your kids involved in some great hydrogel bead projects! These are for ages of everyone and are a very fun thing to do with your daughter or son! Do the project with your kids and then when they got them all the way they want you can wait a few hours and come back. Your kids will be stunned about how they work and magically appear. The project Details are below so be sure to check them out! 


Kid Project  #1 

Info: Make a arrangement of all kinds of colors of hydrogel beads with your kids. Watch them maggically grow in a few hours!

Project Details:  Each has 4 colors of hydro gel beads. This is a great project for kids of all ages. They can hydrate one pack at a time or do they all and mix or layer the colors. If they fall on the floor they will not stain. After a few hours they will go back to the original state. You can let them dry out and re hydrate them. Complete directions are included. Just add warm water to the beads as directed for the amount you want and they will expand fully in 6 hrs. Drain off the excess water and place in your own container and use as desired.

Kid Project  #2

Info: Make hydrogel beads with your kids and watch them grow as time goes on, very interesting to do with your kids and they will be amazed!

Project Details: Put an inch layer of the hydrated gel beads in your container. Soak your Wheat Seed for 6-8 hours, drain water and sprinkle over Hydrated beads. They will not grow if they are on the bottom of the container.  You can use plant food as directed to aid their growth. Kept in warm lighted place, the grass will sprout in 3-4 days.. I have found it works well to use a spray bottle to keep the seeds moist until they start to grow. For the first day put a clear wrap on the top of the container to hold moisture. You will need to add water as needed to keep the beads hydrated. Your cat or grass loving animals will love the grass in the winter. Grow fresh about once a month.  



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