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BirdFeeder With Using PineCones

Making A Bird Feeder of Your Own Using Pine Cones In 5 Easy Steps!!

Birdfeeders can be costly and with the price of things today you will not want to spend to much for a bird feeder. But you can now use different sort of pine cones to make your own unique birdfeeder. We will teach you how to make a small or fairly large bird feeder. To start off you will need some pine cones, peanut butter, pan, bird seeds, string, and a spoon. 

Materials Needed:

- Pine cone'(s)
- Peanut Butter / Butter
- A Pan
- Bird Seeds
- String of some sort

- Spoon
- Knife, Butterknife

Directions / Steps

1. First step into making the bird feeder, you will want to get some peanut butter and mix it with some regular butter. Using the regular butter will make it less of sticking to the birds beak and mouth. This will help the birds into eating and not make them choke as it would just using peanut butter alone. (Very Important to mix it with "Regular Butter")

2. Now you will apply the purly mixed butter and peanut butter using a knife or butterknife to the pine cone that you are going to be using for the bird feeder, you will want to push it in the petals of the cone so it is inbetween the petals. This will make it stay in place and not only look more professional.

3. When you have it applied gently into the petals of the pine cone you can now take the pinecone and roll it into a pan of bird seeds. This will stick to the peanut butter mixed with butter. When you have it all mixed up and ready you can shake off the hanging bird seeds that arent in place well. 

4. You may want to put it into the bird seeds again after shaking off the hanging bird seeds to make sure it is all covered up with none of the peanut butter showing on the pine cone. 

5. The last step you will want to do is tie a string or some sort of yarn that you can hang it outside to a tree or around your house. Make sure it is sturdy and will not break. The birds will love you forever and have a nice unique bird feeder to show off to your friends.


Collins Country Gifts Staff

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